Documents Needed When Applying For a Mortgage Loan

If you’re looking for a home loan in California, you may start out by looking at different lenders to see what kind of deal you can get on your new home. But before you do, there will be some documents you’ll need to have on hand first.

Having these documents ready makes it easier for lenders to process your loan application, and the faster your application is processed, the sooner you can be the first to make an offer and potentially have it accepted by the seller.

Here’s what you need in order to get a home loan in California:

  • A clear copy of your driver’s license – This is used for general identification purposes
  • The last two years of your tax returns and your W2 form. If you are self-employed, you’ll need to have the last two years of your business taxes – This is to prove your current income
  • The last two pay stubs from your work
  • Two months’ worth of bank statements (include all pages, even blank ones). You must include every type of account you have such as checking, savings, 401K and any other type of bank account
  • Social Security award letter and pension (if applicable)
  • For all other properties you own, a copy of your current mortgage statement and homeowner’s insurance
  • HOA statement, if applicable

These documents are important not only for identification purposes, but are also used to help validate your income as well as help us understand what other assets may be used to help you secure a home loan. The sooner you can be approved, the sooner you can be among the first to make an offer. In particularly competitive real estate markets like California, having these documents can give you an edge.