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Since our start in 2008, we’ve come a long way from being a small company mainly focused on residential mortgages and hard money lending in Califomia. Today, we’re your go-to choice in 5 states and have earned the trust of thousands of happy clients.

LBC Mortgage was founded by our friend Alex Shekhtman with a mission to help not only friends and family but also our community members. As time went on, we built a reputation as a reliable provider of comprehensive real estate mortgage services, and we’re still growing strong.

Wondering what you can expect from the BC Mortgage team? Expect top-notch, worry free, budget-friendly, and time-saving customer service because we only bring on board highly qualified professionals.

We located in six states for your convenience

Our Team

  • Alex Shekhtman is a remarkable figure in the mortgage industry with over 20 years of experience as a mentor, investor, public figure, and sought-after speaker. He is the founder and CEO of LBC Mortgage, where his dedication to excellence and client satisfaction is unmatched. Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project he takes on.

    Alex Shekhtman

    CEO / Founder

  • Anastasia Zhizhina

    Processing Department Manager

  • Vasily Pshenichnyy is known as the «Mortgage Genius» at the office. He's our primary expert in deep insights into lenders' guidelines and exceptions, and he excels at securing the most competitive quotes from our lenders. With his quick thinking, sharp wit, and exceptional numerical skills, Vasily is a valuable asset to our company and to every client for whom he has finalized a loan.

    Vasiliy Pshenichniy

    Loan Adviser

  • Sam has ten years of sales experience and specializes in hard money and conventional loans. This expert is highly energetic and enthusiastic, capable of multitasking and ensuring that every file is seen through to completion.

    Samvel Barseghyan

    Loan Adviser

  • Nicole Melgar

    Loan Adviser

  • Aaron Pak

    Loan Adviser

  • Jack Staurskiy

    Loan Adviser

  • Kenneth La is committed to helping families and investors achieve their homeownership goals. He is compassionate and strives to ensure everyone he works with is satisfied and happy. Not only will you be satisfied with his knowledge and expertise to make home-buying easy, but his dedication and hard-working attitude will make the process stress-free. No matter who you are or your experience, Kenneth will always be available anytime to help you with your loan.

    Kenneth LA

    Loan Adviser

  • Vlada has extensive experience in hiring, recruitment, and other areas of Human Resources. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her team reaches its goals while taking care of employee needs and expectations. Vlada is an experienced professional with an advanced degree in Economics, possesses comprehensive field knowledge.

    Vlada Lisnykh

    Executive Assistant, HR Manager

  • Viktoriya Daneshrad

    Account Executive

  • Kevin, a UCSB graduate, boasts over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. Since 2013, he's been a licensed real estate agent dedicated to guiding clients through property transactions. In 2022, he achieved the milestone of becoming a licensed real estate broker, expanding his expertise. Kevin's commitment to excellence is evident in his California Notary license since 2013, adding convenience and reliability to his services. With extensive experience and licenses, he's a trusted partner for clients looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, consistently going the extra mile to achieve their goals.

    Kevin Tenin

    Sr. Loan Processor

  • Geena Gurevich

    Loan Processor

  • Sofiia Kovalchuk

    Head of PR

  • Sergey Mozesyuk

    SEO / Google Search

  • Russ Anvarov

    IT Consultant

  • Oleksandr is a seasoned front-end developer with four years of professional experience. He started his journey with a love for creating engaging digital experiences. Through years of perfecting his web development skills, Oleksandr is an expert in creating functional and visually appealing user interfaces. With a keen eye for detail and a love for staying updated on the latest technologies, he continues to create seamless and engaging online solutions. He's looking forward to more years of innovation and growth in the ever-evolving world of front-end development.

    Oleksandr Borysiuk

    Web Developer

  • Dasha has been working at LBC Mortgage for the past 1.5 years as a Social Media Manager. Her dedication and expertise in social media marketing have contributed significantly to the company's online presence and success. Dasha's innovative strategies and creative content have consistently engaged and expanded our audience. With a keen eye for trends and a deep understanding of the digital landscape, she continues to drive the company's social media initiatives to new heights.

    Dasha Matviychuk

    Social Media Manager

  • Gleb has been focused on creating high-quality video content and effectively promoting it for the past five years. His work includes unique ideas and the art of their execution. An integral facet of his expertise is the ability to deeply comprehend the audience, enabling to craft content that engages and retains viewer attention. Gleb's persistent commitment to innovation and studying the latest trends helps keep his videos relevant and alluring in the rapidly evolving realm of online content. His videos garner millions of views and create impactful connections with global audiences in the online media realm.

    Gleb Klimenko

    Video Editor

You won’t be alone, we will go through every step of the home buying process with you

You won’t be alone — your broker will be there for you every step of the way as you buy your new home.

We’re just a phone call away and always ready to help you understand your financial options. We can assist you in securing Conventional Loans, FHA Loans, VA Loans, Portfolio Programs, and many more.

What’s more, we offer some really unique mortgage programs like Non QM, Profit and Loss statement programs, Non-Document Programs, Bank Statement Programs, Investors Home Loans, VOE Mortgage Loans, and Foreign Citizen Loans.

In short, if you can’t qualify for Conventional loans or if you’re in a situation where you can’t provide income documents, don’t worry —we’ve got you covered on your journey to becoming a homeowner.

And remember, you’re never alone — your broker will be right there with you throughout the entire home-buying process.

Here at LBC Mortgage, our approach is grounded in our core values. Even as we grow and adapt to the ever-changing real estate market, we’re proud to maintain the friendly, personal touch of a small company. What does that mean for you? We build meaningful relationships with each and every cent because we believe it makes the whole experience smoother and less confusing.

Feel free to reach out today. We’re looking forward to helping you!

At LBC Mortgage, we don't treat you like just a number. You're a person with your own story, and we value that. We're proud of our great customer service and making sure we follow all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. We work hard to keep our relationships with lenders strong and find new ones, so we can offer you good loan tearms.

— Alex Shekhtman, CEO LBC Mortgage

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