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    Submit a simple application form, filling in the information about your company and employees

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    We'll carefully review your application and send you a welcome email with more details about the program

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    Enjoy the benefits

    In addition to special mortgage terms, your team will get ongoing support and guidance on a home buying journey

Benefits for your team

  • Exclusive mortgage terms

    Your employees will receive exclusive discounts and special terms on mortgage services.

  • Dedicated support

    Your team will have a dedicated loan adviser team supporting them every step of the process and saving time for mortgage planning and paperwork.

  • Simplified application process

    Application is super easy and fast, so your employees will save time on home buying process.

  • Financial education

    We'll provide access to our special Homebuyer's course to assist your employees in making informed financing decisions.

Here is how your employees will benefit from joining the program:

  • Increased Buying Power

    With custom mortgage planning, your employers can afford homes they might not have been able to.

  • Free $1,500 Appraisal Voucher

    We offer reduced closing costs and also provide up to $1,500 voucher to cover appraisal costs.

  • Discounts on Mortgage Rates and closing cost

    Your employees will get discounted interest rates and save thousands of dollars over the life of their loan.

  • Access to LBC Academy courses

    LBC Mortgage provides educational resources to help employees do financial planning and avoid costly mistakes.

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