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Oleg Korolov photo
Oleg Korolov photo

Oleg Korolov

Information / Licenses:

States: CA
Languages: ENG, UKR, RUS

About me

Being a part of a good (if not great), yet still conventional brokerage for almost a decade, made me realise that big firms just don’t provide as much value for their clients as they used to. Purchasing or selling each and every piece of real estate is such a unique experience that it requires an individual, custom approach, which big companies just can’t provide. That’s how the idea of a boutique, client-centric brokerage came to mind.

Dom Real Estate Group offers a white glove, unique approach to your real estate needs. Quality over quantity, always. Marketing your home with an in-depth understanding of social media, current market trends, tools and platforms. Negotiating your offer with exceptional presentation and follow-up. Putting our clients and their needs first. We are where our clients need us to be, covering all the Greater Los Angeles Area, including Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties. Bringing our extensive expertise in management, design, construction and other spheres related to real estate, we are guiding your buying and selling experience from the moment you start thinking about making a move. A full-service real estate company that is with you for life.

Founder, Oleg Korolov, has an extensive knowledge of local markets and has proven himself as an amazing professional in the eyes of both his clients and his colleagues. Being fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian, he is here to provide incredible service. Astonishing attention to details, honesty, and work ethics has made him one of the top brokers in his community. A realtor that you can trust and rely on. Bringing an effective combination of youth and energy, together with experience and professional finesse. Oleg helps you to achieve your real estate goals, no matter what market we’re in. Experience it yourself to fully appreciate what it means to work with a professional that takes pride in what he does.


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