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Patricia Johnson photo
Patricia Johnson photo

Patricia Johnson

Information / Licenses:

States: NC
Languages: ENG

About me

Please let me introduce myself. I am Patricia Johnson and I have been working in the Real Estate industry since 2012. I started as an Office Manager/Closing Coordinator with an addition to becoming a fully licensed Real Estate Broker with Carod Properties, LLC. While with Carod, I was involved in every aspect of real estate from assisting other firm’s brokers with sales/buyer clients, investment portfolios and handling day to day operation of the property management.

As a REALTOR®️, I understand the real estate market of Charlotte and the surrounding areas. I am an expert in helping others and I desire to see each one of my clients have all their real estate goals met while offering the highest level of expertise.

As I represent sellers, buyers and investors in the residential or commercial market I will optimize integrity, abundant energy, hard work, creativity, experience and my training along with my personal knowledge to insure efficient and complete service to you. I will provide my clients with exceptional attention to skilled negotiations, knowledgeable analysis to property values and market trends.

You can be assured that I will stay on top of all the details of the deal and provide a smooth and easy-going transaction.

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