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Can you buy a house with cryptocurrency in 2023? Deal details

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Buying real estate with cryptocurrency is not a plot from a fantasy book about an exciting future. This is our reality! The first attempt to purchase real estate for Bitcoin took place in 2013. A small house in Canada was put up for sale. Buying apartments, villas, and even palaces with cryptocurrency has become the norm, especially in the USA, where the conditions for crypto investors are the most convenient. Thinking about the question, can you buy a house with cryptocurrency? Of course, yes!

First, let’s understand what is cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is, in fact, virtual money, transactions with which do not take place centrally through a bank but immediately on many independent computers.

Any cryptocurrency has two main components: units of digital exchange — ‘coins’ (coins) and the network within which the exchange takes place. These units can be transferred between wallets and exchanged.

The networks within which these coins exist are called blockchains. Blockchain can be considered a table in which each new operation with a cryptocurrency is recorded as a new line. But simultaneously, you can only add new lines and not change or delete old ones. Each new line contains information about the previous one.

Can you buy a house with cryptocurrency in the USA? 

Today the USA is one of the most loyal and convenient countries for crypto investors. Here, you can legally buy even real estate for cryptocurrency if you prove the legal origin of the funds. Some marketplaces in the country accept cryptocurrency payments: for example, Shopify, Overstock, travel services CheapAir, and Travala.

According to a study by real estate brokerage Redfin, 12% of US clients planning their first real estate purchase intend to use their cryptocurrency savings to do so.

Suppose a real estate seller is willing to transact with cryptocurrencies. In that case, the buyer can pay directly with Bitcoin (or other convenient currency). Otherwise, he will need to find an intermediary to withdraw digital money.

Also, in recent years, many companies have offered Visa and Mastercard crypto-currency cards — they can be paid everywhere, like regular bank cards. At the time of purchase, they change the cryptocurrency from the linked account to the currency in which payment is accepted at the current rate of one of the exchanges.

Why buy real estate with crypto? 

No Bureaucracy

Using cryptocurrencies in payments is beneficial not only for buyers but also for sellers. A construction company can tokenize an asset. That is, divide it into digital shares. This allows you to sell buildings faster, and investors get the opportunity to enter a big business with minimal investment. In addition, this way, you can invest in real estate without additional bureaucratic procedures.

Devaluation Protection

Another reason to buy an apartment, house, or another real estate for cryptocurrency is protection from devaluation on the occasion of a market crash. Despite impressive growth in recent years, the exchange rate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is quite unstable. For example, market capitalization can be reduced by $140 billion per day. Therefore, investing part of the funds in less risky assets makes sense. And real estate here is perfect.

Speed and Simplicity

The third reason to buy real estate with bitcoins is speed and simplicity. The transaction occurs without transferring funds from one bank to another, which allows you to complete the purchase and sale process faster. In addition, fewer documents are required when paying with cryptocurrency, which simplifies the procedure and speeds it up even more. 

Even mortgages can be paid with cryptocurrencies 

The American fintech startup Milo was the first in the world to start providing a cryptocurrency mortgage service. The company offers American citizens and foreigners to use their digital assets to apply for a loan to buy real estate in the United States.

Milo allows cryptocurrency holders to use their assets as real estate investments instead of selling them for a down payment. Otherwise, they would have had to pay mortgage tax, or due to the growth of the cryptocurrency exchange rate after the sale, their assets could lose value.

‘Cryptomortgage will allow us to expand our offer for clients who have been rejected by other financial firms just because of cryptocurrency. We will help this never happen again, and their bitcoins will now allow them to buy real estate,’ the company’s founders said.

Recently, a cryptocurrency service was launched in the United States for buying and selling real estate for tokens 

Innovations are increasingly gaining market and customer attention. So, in 2023, MyEListing appeared — a service for buying and selling real estate for cryptocurrency. The marketplace is open to users worldwide and is integrated with the Coinbase Commerce service. This platform allows retailers to accept payments in digital currencies. The forum will promote innovation in both cryptocurrencies and real estate.

The creators of the MyEListing service believe that the entire real estate trading system should change. Today it is still difficult to buy property, especially in another state or country. Transactions on the platform can be closed within one business day. And that’s about 50 times faster than the current average — in the US, buying a home takes an average of 51 days. The marketplace is open to people from all over the world. It is integrated with Coinbase Commerce, a crypto exchange section allowing merchants to accept digital coin payments.

Currently, the platform services only apply to properties in Texas. Texas agents, brokers, and sellers can present their properties to a global audience by listing them on the site. Representatives of MyEListing promised that the program would work in other US states in June of this year.

Risks Associated with Buying Real Estate with Cryptocurrency 

The main problems of such transactions include, first of all, the increased volatility of cryptocurrencies. In this regard, the moment at which the course is fixed is of decisive importance. Also, the risks come from regulatory authorities that can change cryptocurrency transaction rules. Transactions must be carried out by experienced market participants, both in real estate and in the field of cryptocurrencies, to avoid legal errors and loss of money. 

  • High volatility. During the search for an object and negotiations with sellers, the rate of cryptocurrencies can change dramatically. Therefore, you can give much more for an apartment or house than planned. 
  • Search for a seller. Not all sellers agree to pay in bitcoins, for example. There are still a few sites that indicate the cost not only in dollars or euros but also in cryptocurrency.


The world does not stand still, and cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular! Therefore, you have crypto capital — now is the best time to buy an apartment or house. After all, the market has all the conditions for this. A mortgage broker will help you deal with all issues of obtaining a mortgage — therefore, sign up for a consultation. Don’t waste time and buy your dreams! 

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