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Proof That EASY NON-DOCUMENT PROGRAM Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

Honestly, our Easy Non-Document Program is the easiest and one of the most outstanding programs available on the mortgage market.

Why so? You don’t need to provide any documents, no taxes, no CPA letters. At LBC Mortgage, we also don’t require any proof of income and not disclosing your employment info as well. This means, with that type of loan, you will not be required to provide a lot of paperwork, like the docs mentioned above. Instead, you should simply provide a declaration that indicates you are able to repay the loan.

Who needs this type of loan?

People that apply for Non-Documentation loans are usually those who wouldn’t like to have their financial history and entire life presented to the lender. 

If you are self-employed with a lot of write-offs on taxes, cant show stable work history, or are even unemployed or retired you can still apply for this program since none of any financial documents are required.

Obviously, security is a significant factor, and we respect it. However, with a non-documentation loan, the borrower provides minimal information such as their name social security number, and information regarding the purchased property. So, here at LBC Mortgage, we will do the rest.

How to qualify for an Easy Non-Documentation loan at LBC Mortgage?

To qualify for a non-documentation mortgage program, you will be asked to:

  • put a minimum 20% down payment
  • show 3 months reserves. if your credit score is above 740. This means the lender wants to see that you have money for a minimum of 3 months to pay your mortgage after closing.
  • show that your credit score is a minimum of 640
  • primary or vacation homes only, can’t use this for investment purchase 

No worries if you got money for purchasing a property as a gift. You can easily qualify for this program because a 100% gift is allowed too.

Do you have any questions about this program? Still not sure if you can qualify?
Please feel comfortable trusting us to find the right mortgage program for you by giving us a call for a confidential discussion.

We can analyze your mortgage scenario and let you know your options without pulling your credit. This is simply to have an initial discussion to see if this mortgage is a good fit for you and get an idea of your interest rate.

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