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Should you buy real estate during inflation? How long to wait before buying a house

The eternal question — should you buy real estate during inflation? And the question, which, unfortunately, is very difficult to get an answer. Let’s try to figure out how inflation changes the housing market. And how to deal with the Federal Reserve’s target for inflation being a 2 percent annual increase.

What does inflation mean for buyers and sellers?


Low supply is still a potential problem for buyers across the country. So far, the market remains unbalanced. In this situation, you are only delaying the creation of equity by waiting. On the other hand, in the future, your income may increase, and the market will continue to cool.

But remember, if inflation is gradually decreasing, it simply means that prices are not rising as fast as they used to.

A period of stagnation in home prices allows buyers’ income to grow further. Instead of straining now, you can buy a home in a more comfortable mode in the future. Again, assuming your income growth outpaces real estate price growth. You have nothing to lose but nothing to gain — keep this in mind when you refuse to buy a home.


The market, where there is a constant shortage of houses, still forces sellers to ask for a better home price. If you’re selling your home, congratulations, that’s good news! True, if you want to buy a new house, you will sharply understand all homebuyers’ problems in the United States. And this is not only prices but also high mortgage rates.

Should you buy real estate during inflation? How to buy a home if prices have already risen

Suppose you need to buy a house very soon. Then, you have several ways to help yourself in this situation:

  • Put the initial deposit amount into a high-yielding account — but first, ensure you can easily access your money during the transaction’s closing.
  • Mortgage lender with low or no fees — many banks charge a fee for issuing a loan. Therefore, try to apply to non-bank or online lenders with attractive rates.
  • Fix your mortgage rate by asking the lender. This way, you can save yourself the risk that your monthly payment will skyrocket.

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