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The best state to buy a house for investment. Where to purchase a house and make money

Location is everything when it comes to investing in real estate. So, if you decide to buy investment housing, consider the location. In the end, thanks to this, you can earn money. So, the best state to buy an investment house — let’s find the answer. We have compiled a list of the best locations for real estate investors.


The average cost of a single-family home in Texas has risen steadily since at least 2000. When the national price falls, the decline in Texas does not last long and resumes its value. This allows real estate owners to make huge profits with suitable investments.

More than half a million people move to Texas every year. The number of people leaving is significantly less, making the net population growth in Texas due to internal migration positive each year, in the hundreds of thousands. This fulfills the need for housing and ensures a stable price while maintaining a consistent level of demand.

Compared to other states, Texas has more property rights, a faster eviction process, and laws that generally favor landlords when there is a dispute with a tenant. Property owners can have complete confidence that their investment is thoroughly safeguarded in this state, even more so than in other states. This provides them with invaluable peace of mind. In addition, this approach simplifies the management and profitability of a real estate portfolio.


With its vibrant technology industry and booming economy, Washington State has become a real estate investment magnet. In particular, the Seattle area has witnessed significant growth and offers many investment opportunities, including residential and commercial real estate. The presence of large technology companies also contributes to the region’s attractiveness in the real estate sector.

North Carolina

North Carolina has grown its population at a feverish pace for years, and in 2022, its population grew faster than other states.

The state has attracted attention for its robust population growth, affordable housing options, and diverse economy. Cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham boast strong real estate markets fueled by job growth, low cost of living, and high quality of life. These factors, combined with North Carolina’s business-friendly environment, make it a favorable state for investing in real estate and accumulating wealth.


Florida’s absence from this list may seem like a glaring omission, given that it was chosen as the number one state to relocate since the pandemic. But experts believe that the state’s market is saturated, overvalued, and needing correction — and that the next big thing could be a prominent Mid-South state.

Tennessee has recently become a popular real estate investment destination. Cities like Nashville and Memphis are experiencing explosive growth thanks to affordable housing, a favorable tax environment, and a thriving music and entertainment industry. These factors make Tennessee an attractive state for investors looking to capitalize.

With no state income tax and a steady influx of young professionals, the Tennessee real estate market promises a bright future.


The state offers a unique combination of snow-capped mountains, arid desert, fast-growing cities, and excellent real estate opportunities. With cities such as Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs seeing a surge in population growth, the state is an attractive investment environment. In addition, Colorado’s thriving tech industry and stable job market contribute to its real estate appeal. Investors looking to capitalize on this growth can explore various residential and commercial opportunities.

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